Intermediate Salsa Patterns On1

After learning and mastering our program of intermediate Salsa steps, you’ll be ready to jump into the exciting stage of joining those steps together into slick patterns. By now you should have the fundamentals of Salsa down and be ready to intertwine the steps you know with fluidity and finesse. The days of putting 5 basic steps in between each move are gone, and you’re about to become comfortable with more complicated transitions.

As you improve your ability to execute these intermediate Salsa patterns, we challenge you to start developing your own. Remember that the goal of learning to dance is not to follow one’s instruction, but to become a creator yourself. Our goal is to give you the tools to freely express yourself however the music moves you. Have fun and best of luck!

Take a look through our on1 intermediate Salsa patterns below and get comfortable stringing together your intermediate steps.

Toss & Catch Intermediate Pattern

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Toss & Catch

We know you like her guys, but sometimes you have to let go. We created Toss and Catch to show you how to release your partner’s hands and seamlessly reconnect with her as you dance.
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