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Adding Turns to Your Cross Body (Salsa Inspiration for Leads)

Us leads don’t turn enough!

I previously made a post on How to Add Turns Into Your Salsa Basic (For Leads) and I want to continue this idea with how leads can add turns for themselves during cross body leads.

The key to salsa and life is to keep things fun and interesting, so let’s do that!

I’m not going to break down the technique for the turns, as most of these turns are taught in our online salsa program — try it free for a week here.

This video is meant to be used as inspiration and, if you’ve got some experience, you can give them a go.

Add These Turns To Your Cross Body Leads

Each turn I do has multiple variations (see the video for more ideas). For simplicity, I’ll just list the names of each turn here:

  • Suave (left turn)
  • Rejection (hook turn)
  • Pencil turn
  • Half and half spot turn
  • Half spot turn, double pivot

Using those base moves listed above, I came up with 11 total turn variations in the video. And there’s so many more possibilities.

Now, instead of always turning your partner, start adding some turns for yourself.

This especially comes in handy when follows are at a lower level and you’re limited as to what you’re able to lead. Instead of leading her through something she might not be able to follow, just add some fun or complexity for yourself with these turns.