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Cascading Ochos: Adding Some Spice To Your Basic Ochos

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In this variation of Ochos the lead lifts his right hand over his head as he turns through the last half of his Cumbia Basic. The footwork and the lead/follow technique remain the same as the Basic Ochos, so if you haven’t already, be sure to learn your Change of Place technique and review those basic Ochos.

Once you get this variation down, have some fun and try mixing it in with your regular Ochos and Hand Switch Ochos. You’ll see Latinos doing this one all the time. If you’re heading to Cuba or anywhere in Latin America, this move is a must.

Tips for Cascading Ochos

Fellas, when you’re moving into the second part of your Cascading Ochos (the part when you are turning left and raising your hand over your head), only raise your hand as high as you need to get underneath it. Don’t apply any upwards pressure. Relax your elbows and get under your arm as quickly as possible. If you hold your right hand too high or apply upward pressure, you are going to make this step very uncomfortable for the ladies. Being mindful of this point will also make it easier for the fellas to dance with shorter ladies.

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