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Change of Place with Cross Body Leads

Within this beginner Salsa combo, you’re going to toss in your cross body lead as you work on the change of place. Adding the cross body to any move is a great way to transition in and out of the various steps you know.

To get started, try doing the pattern exactly as seen in the video and then move on to do our challenge below.

Demo: Change of Place With Cross Body Leads

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Tip for the fellas

When you’re doing your cross body lead follow-up steps on counts 5 and 6, be sure to anchor on 7 so you’re able to initiate the open break to enter the change of place.

Your Challenge

Leads, once you’re feeling comfortable stringing together your change of place with cross body leads, try adding in a new element like a basic right turn or a different basic step, so the follows don’t know what’s coming. This challenges the follows to truly follow, and you to be more spontaneous.

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