Beginner Salsa Patterns

Our beginner Salsa patterns will help you take the basic Salsa moves you know and combine them into exciting combinations. Our goal here is to develop your ability to lead basic steps smoothly and confidently.

Once you reach that point, our beginner Salsa combos will challenge you to mix things up and use your own creativity to combine the moves you’ve learned into a spontaneous sequence of steps. This exercise simulates a social dancing environment and helps the lead’s dancing become more dynamic and the follow practice her technique. Since the follow doesn’t know what’s coming next, she has to rely on the beginner Salsa technique that dictates how she should react to the lead’s signals.

There’s no time for guessing games. Both partners will learn how to become more in tune with one another as they venture through these various beginner salsa lessons.

Browse our Salsa dancing videos for beginners below. It’s time to combine your basic Salsa moves into patterns!


Change of Place with Cross Body Leads

Within this beginner Salsa combo, you’re going to toss in your cross body lead as you work on the change of place. Adding the cross body to any move is a great way to transition in and out of the various steps you know.

To get started, try doing the pattern exactly as seen in the video and then move on to do our challenge below.

Demo: Change of Place With Cross Body Leads

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5 Right Turns With Cross Body Leads

In this beginner salsa pattern you’re going to use the cross body lead to help break up your 5 turn pattern.  Doing this will make your dancing feel more interesting and dynamic while allowing you to become more spontaneous with your steps as you begin social dancing.

To start, try doing the pattern exactly as seen in the video and then try our challenge below.

Demo: Right Turns with Cross Body Leads

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Excited to become a great dancer?

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