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How To Avoid Getting Dipped

For all the ladies out there who don’t like getting dipped, this one’s for you! Follow this simple Salsa tip and you’ll learn how to stop the lead from dipping you during a social dance.

Why not get dipped?

For reasons already mentioned in the Guy’s version of this post, “Don’t Be a Dipper”, there are a number of reasons why ladies prefer not to be dipped. If you’re a lead and are unfamiliar with this perspective, I recommend you read that post.

Ladies: tell your guy what’s up!

Ladies, before starting a social dance, it’s a good idea to let your partner know that dipping should be removed from his repertoire. This open communication is really important, especially if you have injuries that could be affected.

Is a verbal reminder enough?

In reality, this friendly reminder doesn’t always cut it. Even though you’ve told your partner that you’re not comfortable with dipping, you might still find yourself in that awkward, anxious, and sometimes frightening situation where you’re about to get dipped unwillingly.

So what can you do? Fight back? Well, not exactly. But you can definitely take a stand (or a step in this case) to physically block the guy from sending you back into a dip.

A Simple Technique to Avoid Getting Dipped

When you sense the lead is about to dip you, take note of your outside leg. As he starts to tilt you backwards, keep your upper body over your hips and step back with that outside leg. This will literally block him from sending you back while keeping your spine relatively straight. After you’re successful in doing this, give your unsuspecting partner another reminder that you’re not down to dip. Hopefully this is enough to get the point across. With any luck, you won’t be getting dipped by that dude anymore.

Let us know if it works!

Follows, if you ever come across a social dance where you have to use this technique, share your experience in the comments. We’d love to hear your story. There are a ton of other follows out there who will relate to this experience 100% so we hope you don’t feel too shy to share.
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