Benefits of Learning Salsa Dancing Online

Online Salsa Lessons Dance Dojo We’re not afraid to say it. Nothing beats learning Salsa in person. But what if that’s not enough?  Learning to dance Salsa online has some incredible benefits, and it’s by far the quickest way to accelerate your progress outside of the classroom.

A master is only as good as the tools at her disposal. Similarly, you will only progress quickly if you have the right tools. And videos are just that, tools – a quick reference guide to anything you want to know about Salsa.

Learning Salsa steps through video allows you to increase the frequency that you practice while giving you the time to review steps thoroughly. This extra time is exactly what you need to drill the proper technique into your brain and have it execute via your muscle memory.

Often students don’t absorb everything they need to know during a dance class. Maybe the teacher reviewed a step too fast for you, or maybe the move was just a little over your head or, what’s even more likely, is that that hot piece of eye candy across the room caught your eye and broke your focus just long enough for some key information to go in one ear and right out the other. Whatever the case, a good review of in-class technique will definitely help out a ton. Don’t you think?

It’s no secret that repetition is one of the key factors in learning, so if you’re the type who is looking to really improve your dancing, then you ought to find a resource to help you do so. The most successful dancers always practice outside of class and that’s exactly what video lessons help you do.

The Benefits of Learning Salsa Online

Learning Salsa through video lessons has a wide variety of benefits and everyone who tries it will experience something a little different. Here are some of the top reasons to take advantage of online dance lessons, broken up based on skill level:

Benefits For Beginners

#1 Build your self confidence before dancing in public

Social dancing, like any public display of dance, requires you to have a certain degree of confidence in yourself and comfort with what you’re doing. This is much harder to accomplish for some people than others. If you’re learning online through video, you’ve got all the time in the world to get comfortable with your body while you practice in the safety of your own home or studio. Squashing that fear of judgement encourages many people to push their limits further.

#2 No pressure to learn fast – go at your own pace

No need to worry about that hot shot beside you who picks up dance steps in seconds. Go at your own speed, pause, rewind and review lessons as much as you need to in order for the key techniques to sink in. Learning is both mental and physical and it’s about YOU, not anyone else. Taking your time can help enhance your mental understanding of a move, allowing it to manifest itself more smoothly the next time you try it.

If you’re that hot shot I mentioned earlier, then salsa video lessons are only going to exponentially increase the amount of dance steps and material you can learn in a given amount of time. Give it a try – you’ll sky rocket your technical skill and be able to execute far more interesting combinations on the dance floor.

#3 Low stress environment

Some people get worked up when learning in groups. Going at your own pace will lower your stress and allow you to concentrate on what’s most important: keeping your rhythm as you execute the fundamentals and enjoy the process. Kick the stress and have more fun!

Benefits For Intermediates

#4 Learn exactly what you want when you want

Skip around to the Salsa lessons that excite you in the moment. Whether you want choreographed partner work patterns, body movement tips, or more advanced lessons, it’s easy to back-track to the basics or hop right on up to challenge yourself with an extremely advanced combo. From there, you can re-watch lessons to touch up your fundamentals or continue on with the difficult steps if everything is clicking.

Remember: the difference between a good dancer and an amazing one is their execution of the fundamentals. With online Salsa lessons, you can sharpen up your fundamentals whenever you feel some polishing is needed.

#5 Learn from incredible instructors you can’t normally take classes with

There are a ton of reasons why its valuable to take from new instructors. Variety and quality of teaching are both huge factors. Some communities simply don’t have access to teachers who teach well (or teach properly for that matter). If you are lucky enough to live in a city with solid teachers, then I would challenge you to complement your previous training with the fresh perspective and teaching style of a new teacher.

Every teacher has a different approach, with different knowledge of the physical dance, the music and the history. Soak in as much as you can and learn the different techniques that each instructor uses. From there, you can take in what works best for you and become a more well rounded Salsa dancer from it.

I still remember the days I learned to breakdance from reading paragraphs of text on There were no teachers in my hometown and no videos online. Those days are over.

The internet has destroyed geographic boundaries and given you access to incredible teachers – seize the opportunity!

#6 More bang for your buck

One of the biggest limitations of in-person classes is that you can only cover a limited amount of material during a set time-frame. With an online library of video lessons, instructors can offer you far more learning material: dance steps, combos, body movement, Salsa tips, and other supplementary material like written instructions, music to dance to and the list goes on. You can practice as much as you want too – there’s no one hour time limit on these lessons!

Let’s take a look at the economics of in-person vs. online Salsa lessons:

A single in-person drop-in lesson costs $15-20, maybe $12 if you find a crazy good deal.
A month  of unlimited access online Salsa lessons cost as little as $19.

Well, what if I sign up for a longer session of in-person lessons, won’t the discount be good? Let’s see…

A 12 week session of in-person classes, say 2.5 hours/week, for a total of 30 hours, will cost around $280.
A 12 month subscription to online Salsa lessons costs $250 ish – that’s unlimited access for a whole year.

Not only that, but with the extra pocket change, you’ll be able to take out that cutie you met at the Salsa party for dinner, for no sweat off your back. Ladies, you can ask him out too ;)

Benefits for Advanced Salseros

#7 Get Inspired & increase your vocabulary of Salsa steps

Now that you’ve mastered the basics and pick up moves really fast, most traditional Salsa classes might be too slow for you. Learning Salsa online gives you the freedom to watch combos and learn intricate steps without going to slower-paced group classes. It’s the perfect way to keep your Salsa vocabulary fresh and ever-growing. After dancing for a long time you might need a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. What’s better for this than learning new combinations every week?

Common Benefits for All Dancers

#8 Convenience

Fit salsa into your schedule. Experience the convenience of choosing when and where you practice. It’s the perfect setup for those living busy lives. Besides, it’s scientifically proven that learning consistently over a period of time is far more effective than practice sessions that are few and far between.

#9 Supplementary learning, focused on your needs

Salsa video lessons are the perfect way to complement your in-person training. Having detailed break-downs of every lesson on-demand allows you to improve light-years faster than normal. Videos also allow you to concentrate on the parts of the lesson that are most difficult for you. You can spend more time digging down into the techniques you are having trouble with and less time relying on your faded memories of class to guide your learning. Re-watch the videos as much as you want and enjoy the learning process. Heck, you can even pop some popcorn while you’re at it.

 Your Turn:

Have you ever tried learning dance online? Let us know what your experience was like in the comments below!